Teeth Whitening Session

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Teeth Whitening Session
  • Teeth Whitening Session
  • Teeth Whitening Session


  • One session of effective teeth Whitening at Shahorla beauty
  • Deal precedure includes -
    •  - Teeth examination and polishing 
    • – The gums are then protected with isolation material.
    • – A whitening gel is applied to the teeth.
    • – The gel is activated by the whitening machine for approximately 8 minutes.
    • – The cycle is then repeated 3-4 times within the session (depending on the severity of the staining).
  • There are many reasons why teeth become stained or discolored, including tobacco use, and drinking dark liquids such as red wine, coffee, tea and cola. However, the natural aging process and prescription medication use can also cause yellowing and graying.
  • Fortunately, in most cases Shahorla Beauty Studio Teeth Whitening Session can remove all your stains and bring your teeth back to their natural whiteness.
  • Service is Painless and fast
  • Experienced therapists
  • Opening hours - Mondays -Saturdays - 10am -8pm

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Shahorla Beauty studio located in the Akoka area of Lagos. Created with the desire to leave an indelible mark in the beauty industry. Their mission is to create the highest level of service to beauty care votaries using the best quality techniques. Today’s Deal offers customers permanent pink lips and lip therapy service. They offer painless beauty treatments, professional personnel and safe, sterilized equipment. 

Shahorla Beauty Studio
11c, First Gate, Abule Oja Bus Stop, Unilag Road, Opposite Next Salon, Beside Underground Bakery
Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria
DealDey Helpline
01-4609950, 08094609951
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