Revive Capsule Original Sex Booster
  •  Revive Capsule Original Sex Booster

Revive Capsule Original Sex Booster

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  • Revive Capsule For Weak Erection Cure
  • Active Revive Capsule For Sex Boost
  • No more SEXUAL WEAKNESS even if you are old 
  • Very useful remedy for loss of libido
  • No more Premature Ejaculation
  • Increases the interest in sexual activity naturally
  • Said to contain 10 capsules in a pack. The packet Revive is meant for our new customers to ascertain its effectiveness. It cures Impotence, quick or premature ejaculation, Gives strong and hard erection(it only occurs when you're about to have fun), It Prolongs sexual act Eliminates waist pain, Promotes stamina, Enlarges male organ back to its original size due to excess intake of sugar
  • For an optimum sexual performance of multiple rounds sex, this product is what you need. There are (3three amazing benefits of this product: It's curative i.e it cures all forms of sexual disorders such as impotence, quick ejaculation, weak erection, small penis size amongst others. (Note: it does not enlarge male organ, rather it takes it back to its original or natural state.) It can be used to derive maximum orgasm pleasures for fun seekers especially during the week and weekend usage. Just two to four (2-4) dosage of capsules is what you need to get in the mood.  It works wonders when also combined with Vigor Essential to boost sperm count quality, virility and vigour. 
  • This beautifully made aphrodisiac has been TESTED AND TRUSTED worldwide by its admirers. And it has been known to be what's said it to be. The product is certified by the WHO (world health organisation) and also endorsed by NAFDAC (National Administration of Food and Drug Control) here in Nigeria. NAFDAC NO (A7-0465L). By so, it is rated OTC (Over The Counter). There're no negative or side effects when ingested. And it doesn't over react after being taken. Unlike some other counterparts out there. It only arouses when you're being touched by a woman.

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    Revive Capsule For Weak Erection Cure REVIVE is made of a pure herbal ingredients produced to boost male sexual performance.The main mechanism of REVIVE to improve sex appeal is increase reflection of nerve condition.With revive,you enjoy bigger and harder erections!. REVIVE is made solely from natural herb called Epimdium. it is a flowing plant of the family berberidacea that is found in the southern part of China and parts of Asia.The plant has been used for more than two thousand years in china as a powerful male stimulant and also for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.REVIVE is specifically formulated to increase sexual desire,sperm production,enhance the oxygen content in blood which helps in penis erection for normal sexual performance and conserve the vital power and strengthens the sexual ability. REVIVE relieves premature ejaculation effectively and other erections difficulties caused by physical or psychological factors. BAD EFFECTS OF QUICK EJACULATION ON FEMALE -She will suffer emotional trauma -She will feel ditched by her man -She will remain depressed -She will become quarrelsome -She will start making Issues out of nothing -She will be avoiding SEX -It destroys harmony with her man -She becomes not serious about the relationship WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF LASTING LONG IN A WOMAN -You remain inside her and give her strong vaginal orgasms and she will continuously glorify you as a god of LOVE and SEX in her life -Rich and long SEX will give you intense pleasure and will recharge your sexual power. You will never suffer from sexual dysfunction all your life nor will you loose interest in SEX.Your libido level will always remain high. -You will feel yourself a superior man and your confidence will touch the sky.Any girl who you may sleep with will run after you all her life.She will never forget you. -You will become unbelievably healthy,robust and energetic -Your ejaculatory tingling will be prolonged,more sensational and far more gratifying -You will ejaculate only when you want to ejaculate and naturally too. You can charge your sexual life with just 2 capsules of REVIVE as a dose twice in a week or (in serious cases) especially people suffering from diabetes or on HBP drugs 4 capsules once a week.The action of REVIVE starts within 3 or 4 hours and stay active in your body for up to 7 days or more.Within this time,you are able to gain Hard Rock Erections as many times as you desire without any difficulties. do not use REVIVE every time you need to have sex, with 2 capsules weekly, you will be able to gain hard lasting erection whenever you desire to have sex no matter how frequent. REVIVE is very safe to use,even on short term basis.You gain erection when you are ready to have sex,no matter how frequent it is.You are naturally and sexually active! REVIVE is both restorative and curative if used steadily for a period of time. You do not need any prescription to use is very safe to use even on long term basis. One good thing about this product is that you will not get any unwanted erection when you use it.You only gain erection whenever you are ready for intercourse.
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