Relationships & Social Series| eBook
  • Relationships & Social Series| eBook
  • Relationships & Social Series| eBook
  • Relationships & Social Series| eBook
  • Relationships & Social Series| eBook
  • Relationships & Social Series| eBook
  • Relationships & Social Series| eBook
  • Relationships & Social Series| eBook

Relationships & Social Series| eBook

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  • This powerful relationship and social series are really essential for people from all over the world to learn about their lives and deal with other people effectively.
  • With these powerful tools at your disposal, you will not lack a single thing when it comes to understanding the intricate secrets of the human mind.

This Series Contains...

  • BOOK 1: Bringing The Best Out Of The Worst People
  • (The Guide To Motivating Others And Getting Results With Anyone)
  • Chapter 1: What Is Motivation?
  • Chapter 2: How Does Motivating Others Help Us?
  • Chapter 3: What Can You Do to Motivate People?
  • Chapter 4: Motivating the Most Obstinate People in Your Group—Is It Possible?
  • Chapter 5: Motivation Secret 1—Precise Communication
  • Chapter 6: Motivation Secret 2—Unhindered Opportunities
  • Chapter 7: Motivation Secret 3—The Right Atmosphere for Progress
  • Chapter 8: Motivation Secret 4—Good Incentives and Feedback
  • BOOK 2: How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You Within Minutes
    • (Uncover The Hidden Chemistry And Find Your True Love)
    • Chapter 1: Analyzing Yourself
    • Chapter 2: Changing the Way You Think
    • Chapter 3: Your Interactions with People
    • Chapter 4: Improving Yourself Physically
    • Chapter 5: Improving Your Personality
    • Chapter 6: The Approach
    • Chapter 7: Getting What You Want
  • BOOK 3: Mars And Venus Battles - The Cyber Arena
    • (Applying The Timeless Truths About The Opposite Sex In The 21st Century)
    • Chapter 1: Life As We Know It and Why Is It So?
    • Chapter 2: Life As We Knew It
    • Chapter 3: The Power Struggle
    • Chapter 4: The Uneasy Truce
    • Chapter 5: Surviving and Thriving
    • Chapter 6: Self-Caring Is Not Selfish
    • Chapter 7: There Is Always Tomorrow
    • Chapter 8: Love Makes the World Go Around
    • BOOK 4: Say Anything To Anyone - Anywhere!
    • (Develop The Strength To Say No, The Courage To Say Yes And The Conviction To Convince Anyone)
    • Chapter 1: Why We Say Yes When We Want to Say No
    • Chapter 2: When to Say Yes
    • Chapter 3: When to Say No
    • Chapter 4: The Dangers of Saying Yes Too Much
    • Chapter 5: The Pitfalls of Saying No Too Much
    • Chapter 6: Striking the Balance between Saying Yes and Saying No
    • Chapter 7: Agreeing Elegantly—Ensuring You Do Not Come Across as Too Desperate
    • Chapter 8: Refusing Politely—Ensuring There Are No Hurt Feelings
  • BOOK 5: What Their Body Is Saying But Their Mouths Are Not Telling You
    • (The Ultimate Guide To Speed Reading Body Language Easily)
    • Chapter 1: Basic Principles of Body Language
    • Chapter 2: How to Read Body Language
    • Chapter 3: How to Speed-Read People‘s Minds to Enhance Our Lives
    • Chapter 4: The Role of Eyes in Body Language
    • Chapter 5: The Role of Head and Face in Body Language
    • Chapter 6: The Role of Neck, Chest and Back in Body Language
    • Chapter 7: The Role of Hands and Arms in Body Language
    • Chapter 8: The Role of Legs in Body Language
    • Chapter 9: The Role of Lips in Body Language
    • Chapter 10: Ways to Improve Body Language

In this series, you will learn about:

  • Body Language
  • Make Anyone Love With You
  • Mars And Venus   
  • Say Anything
  • Bringing The Best Out Of The Worst People
  • Many other useful things!

Who Can Use These Books?

  • Business owners
  • Internet marketers
  • Network marketers
  • Life Coaches
  • Personal Development Enthusiasts
  • Self Improvement Bloggers
  • Web Publishers
  • Writers and Content Creators
  • And Many More!


  • When Opportunity Knocks (Grabbing Those Lucrative Opportunities)
  • There are several ways to be successful today but the most popular one is almost always acknowledged as venturing into the world of capitalizing on opportunities.
  • People who are able to do this easily usually reap the positive benefits many folds.
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