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      November 4 All: Ultrasonic Dental Scaling and Polishing
      • November 4 All: Ultrasonic Dental Scaling and Polishing
      • November 4 All: Ultrasonic Dental Scaling and Polishing
      • November 4 All: Ultrasonic Dental Scaling and Polishing
      • November 4 All: Ultrasonic Dental Scaling and Polishing
      • November 4 All: Ultrasonic Dental Scaling and Polishing

      November 4 All: Ultrasonic Dental Scaling and Polishing

      ₦6,000 ₦1,350
      • Discount 78%
      • You save ₦4,650
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      • Opening Days: 7 Days
      • Deals can only be redeemed on Saturday or Sunday
      • Opening Hours: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
        • Saturday: (10:00AM – 3:00PM)
        • Sunday: (Emergency Pls Call)
      • Service Duration: 30 Minutes
      • Deal: N1,350 (N6,000 Original Value) Cover For One Person Only
          • Scaling and Polishing
      • How to Redeem:
        • Reservations must be made at least 24 hours before the preferred redemption date
        • Coupons should be printed and presented at a service location
      • Our Other Services:
        • Preventive Dentistry
        • Cosmetic Dentistry
        • Wedding Smiles
        • Dental X-rays
        • Gentle & Professional Extractions
        • Orthodontics
        • Dental Implants (Same-day Tooth Replacement)
        • Zoom Teeth Whitening
        • Dental Emergencies
      • Steps We Take to Achieve Your New Bright White Smiles 
        • The mouth is first gently examined by the dentist
        • The patient is allowed to take a "before" image of the teeth
        • Scaling and polishing is carried out by removing plaque and calculus 
      • Note
        • (Calculus cannot be removed with a brush; only a dental professional can remove it during an oral cleaning, failure to remove calculus can lead to tooth decay, swollen and bleeding gum to periodontal disease) #painful
      • Please expect the following when you visit:
        • Highly qualified  dentists 
        • Thoroughly sterilized  dental  tools
        • Safe and comfortable environment
        • brand new state-of-the-art dental chair,  digital x-ray machine, laser, LED whitening equipment
        • Well trained, seasoned and caring dental personnel
      • Immediate Benefits after Treatment
        • Fresher Breath: Bad breath can be a warning sign of gum disease which is a major issue on its own
        • Cleaner and Whiter Teeth: Having whiter teeth can really improve your appearance, boost confidence, make you appear younger, and help you get that dream job/contract/relationship.
        • A healthier looking smile: To have healthy teeth and gums, a periodic visit to your dentist is very important

    • Coupon(s) valid until 2019-01-02 (unused Coupons after this date will not be honoured/refunded by Merchant/DealDey)
      • Multiple Coupons may be purchased
      • Coupons numbers or QR codes must be presented for redemption
      • Download Coupon for Merchant's details 
      • Reservation must be made before redemption
      • Please call 01-4609950 | 08094609951 for more payment enquiries 
    • Terms and conditions apply
    • Details

      Scaling and Polishing begins with a consultation with the dentist. It is only a dentist that is certified to examine and diagnose thoroughly the state of the oral health and possible causes for the change in colour of the naturally white teeth of the patient. It is not advisable to subject the teeth to untrained personnel or harmful products in the name of cheap services or whatever the advertiser may "sugar-coatedly" promise. For patients with naturally coloured teeth, other effective forms of treatment will be prescribed by the dentist. THIS IS A CLINIC, TREATMENTS ARE SAFE, THOROUGH AND PROFESSIONALLY HANDLED BY QUALIFIED AND CERTIFIED DENTISTS ONLY.
      Healal Dental Clinic
      50, Maidan Road, By Martins Bus Stop, off Ikorodu-Maryland Road, Mile 12, Kosofe, Lagos.
      Kosofe, Lagos, Nigeria
      DealDey Helpline
      01-4609950, 08094609951

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