Blood Vitality Analysis with Consultation at St. Eve Concepts

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Blood Vitality Analysis
  • Blood Vitality Analysis
  • Blood Vitality Analysis


  • Blood Vitality Analysis.
  • Unparalleled in accuracy and reliability.
  • Discover hidden ailments.
  • Provide detailed information on your health.
  • Put a stop to health-problems before they show symptoms
  • Get an eating and supplement plan unique to your needs.
  • Therapist consultation by highly trained specialists included.
  • Professional and friendly service.

  • Coupon valid until June 6, 2012 (unused coupons after this date will not be honored/refunded by St. Eve Concepts/DealDey).
  • Each coupon is valid for one individual only.
  • Opening hours, 9:00am – 5:00pm (Monday to Friday) and 10:00am – 2:00pm (Saturday).
  • Please call 08087630040 | 08087630041 to make appointments and enquiries.


DealDey Random Quote: If the blood is sick you will be too regardless of what you look like on the outside ~ Young, R.O.


Though blood tests are easy for the patient, they’re difficult for the blood, which must answer difficult questions, reveal its secrets, and figure out a way to sign its name. See what your blood’s been up to with today’s deal; for N3500, you get a Live Blood Vitality Analysis with Consultation (N8000 value) at St. Eve Concepts, Lagos.


About Live Blood Tests (Nutritional Microscopy)

Forgoing needle extraction for a quick minuscule pin-prick, practitioners take a drop of blood to put under the microscope. St. Eve's Concepts, through the Live Blood Tests, takes an in-depth look at your life-carrying cells. The consultant will talk you through every step and explain everything in the picture of your blood displayed on the screen. A variety of things can be picked up, such as poor digestion, kidney and liver stress, or even the reason why your toe is revolting against you. After the test, personalised results are provided, with helpful dietary and lifestyle advice offered that will put that cherry red hue back in your blood.


St. Eve Concepts is an Enzymatic Health/Weight Management company. With a unique innovation in healthcare services, in tune with the new era of scientific discovery in health science and a contemporary approach in understanding the human body, they bring their clients the best in wellness services; keeping them hale and hearty, all the time.

St. Eve Concepts
15, Udi Street, Osborne Estate
Lagos, Nigeria
DealDey Helpline
01-4609950, 08094609951
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