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      Learn to Build Mobile App from Scratch | Video Course
      • Learn to Build Mobile App from Scratch | Video Course

      Learn to Build Mobile App from Scratch | Video Course

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      Sold By: Travnel Global


      • Learn how to master various web technologies to create mobile apps that run on all of the major 
      • platforms - Android, iOS and Windows Phone - within this great course. Throughout this course you will learn to create, test, debug, and publish your apps as we cover a variety of web technologies and app development frameworks including: 
      • JQuery 
      • Javascript 
      • CSS 
      • HTML5 
      • PhoneGap 
      • Intel XDK
      • AppMobi API 
        • Intro To Mobile Internet
        • Mobile JavaScript and JQueryLocation Features.
        • Web Apps vs Native Apps.
        • Mobile HTML and CSS.
        • Mobile Web Overview.
      • Intro to PhoneGap
        • Android SDK and Eclipse
        • PhoneGap Build and Github
        • Your First PhoneGap App
        • Device Installation.
        • PhoneGap Overview.
        • Program Files_.zip 
        • Program Files_.zip
      • Location Features
        • GeoLocation_Map.
        • Accelerometer.
        • Geolocation.
        • Program Files_.zip
        • Program Files_.zip
        • Program Files_.zip
      • Camera Capture and Contacts
        • Contacts.
        • Capture Image.
        • Capture Audio.
        • Camera.
        • Program Files_.zip 
        • Program Files_.zip 
        • Program Files_.zip 
        • Program Files_.zip
      • File and Storage
        • Local Storage
        • JQM and Read Directory.
        • Downloading a File.
        • Web SQL Database.
        • Create and Write To File.
        • Program Files .zip
        • Program Files_.zip 
        • Program Files_.zip 
        • Program Files_.zip 
        • Program Files_.zip
      • Intro tonIntel XDK
        • App,Starter and Framework.
        • Install Intel XDK.
        • Intel XDK Overview.
        • Program Files .zip 
      • AppMobi API
        • Camera API.
        • GeoLocation API.
        • Accelerometer API.
        • Contacts API.
        • Program Files_.zip 
        • Program Files_.zip
        • Program Files_.zip
        • Program,Files_.zip 
      • Finishing Up
        • Testing with App Lab.
        • AppDebugger.
        • Submitting to Appstores.
        • Summary.
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      • You can sit at home or office and watch the  7hours 30mins anytime through your laptop/phone

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    • Details

      Through this course of 33 lectures and 7+ hours of content, you?ll learn all of the web technology fundamentals and establish a strong knowledge of mobile app development and API integration to make your apps even more robust. By the end of this course you will be able to produce quality apps that you?ll be able to release across multiple platforms, including the App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows Phone Store
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