Inverter & Solar Installation Course
  • Inverter & Solar Installation Course
  • Inverter & Solar Installation Course
  • Inverter & Solar Installation Course

Inverter & Solar Installation Course

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  • Inverter & Solar Installation Course
  • Weekends | 4 days 
  • Dates: May 13th, 14th, 20th & 21st 2017
  • Time : 9:00 am - 1:00pm
  • Venue: SGL Training Center 
    • 10, Akinremi Street, Anifowoshe, Off Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos, Lagos.
  • Facilitator: A versatile and well-grounded Electrical Engineer, Inverter & Solar installer and Alternative Energy Consultant/Trainer.
  • Participants may request certificates at the end of the course.
  • Numerous participants have attended this course, many of them are doing well in terms of getting private jobs, and using it as another stream of regular income.
  • Participants have opportunity to follow our engineers to sites  for field exposure.
  • Participants are also assisted by our engineers (if he/she desires) for the first job he/she secures after the training.
  • Every home and Office is faced with constant epileptic power supply, therefore people seek other power alternatives like Solar and Inverter Systems.
  • As a Solar and  Inverter engineer, you have a ready-made market opportunity, which has made our participants very successful in this regard. 
  • This is an avenue to provide self-employment opportunity for Nigerian youths.
  • This course is designed to empower all youths for immediate self-employment and numerous participants have become self employed after this course.
  • Most of our participants are currently and actively engaged using the skill acquired during the course of this program to provide a means of self-employment (or alternate source of income) either on full time or part time basis.
  • Become a Solar and Inverter Installation engineer and setup your dream business now! 
  • Training Content:
    • Introduction to basic wiring systems.
    • Definition Of Inverter Systems
    • Types  Of  Inverter
    • Advantages Of using Inverter
    • Disadvantages Of Using  Inverter
    • Introduction To Solar Panel Systems
    • Types Of Solar Panel
    • The Difference Between Mono And Poly Solar Panels
    • Working Principles of a Solar Inverter
    • How to Design, Plan,  Select and Install an Inverter
    • Practical  Solar Installation Process.
  • Types Of Electrical Loads:
    • Resistive Loads
    • Inductive Loads
    • Capacitive Loads
    • How Classified Resistive, Capacitive & Inductive Loads 
    • DC Power Calculation
    • AC Power Calculation
    • Energy Consumption Calculation
    • Electricity Bill Calculation
    • Load Analysis/Site Inspection
    • Power  Auditting /Load CharAuditingis For Power Sizing And Selection
    • Electrical Power Convertion &Calculation.
    • Electrical Cable/Wire Sizing
    • List Of Electrical And Electronic Measuring Equipment
    • Basic Wiring Systems For House
    • Basic Components Of Inverter
  • Capacitor:
    • Types Of Capacitor
    • Testing Of Capacitors
  • Resistor:
    • Resistor Testing
    • Types Of Resistors
  • Diode:
    • Types Of Diode
    • Diode Testing
  • Transistor:
    • Types Of Transistors
    • Testing Of Transistor
  • Relays:
    • Types Of Relays
    • General Purpose Relays 
    • Machine Control Relays 
    • Relays Testing
      • Step 1 – Test Electrical Item
      • Step 2 – Measure Power Supply
      • Step 3 – Test Relay Contacts
      • Step 4 – Check Ground
      • Step 5 – Measure Coil Resistance
      • Step 6 – Replace Relay
    • Marketing Strategies
    • Site feasibility studies
    • Project designs, costing and implementations
    • Testing and commissioning

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Today's deal for our discounted price of N9,999 provides innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow, focus our role in addressing key environmental issues such as global climate change. As an energy-saving solutions provider, SGL's businesses encompass power electronics, energy management, and smart green life.
10, Akinremi Street, Anifowoshe, Off Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos
Lagos Mainland, Lagos, Nigeria
DealDey Helpline
01-4609950, 08094609951
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