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      ICT Skill for Non-IT Professionals|SGL
      • ICT Skill for Non-IT Professionals|SGL
      • ICT Skill for Non-IT Professionals|SGL
      • ICT Skill for Non-IT Professionals|SGL

      ICT Skill for Non-IT Professionals|SGL

      ₦120,000 ₦60,000
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      Seller rating 78
      Sold By: SGL Technologies


      • ICT Skill for Non-IT Professionals
      • Training method: Classroom
      • Duration: 4 Weekends /Call for weekday schedule
      • Date:  Starting March 26, 2018    (Saturday Only )
      • Time: 9.00am -4.00pm
      • Venue:
        • SGL Training Center 10, Akinremi Street, Anifowoshe, off Awolowo Way, (Opp New Garage) Ikeja, Lagos.
      • Course Outline:
        • Types and Benefits of  IT Management Frameworks
        • Calder Moir Framework,
        • ISO27001,ISO20000,
        • IT Service CMM - IT Service Capability Maturity Model,
        • Six Sigma,IT Balanced Scorecard,
        • ISO38500 - International Standard for the Corporate Governance of IT,,
        • M_o_R® – Management of Risk,
        • BiSL® – Business Information Services Library®
        • ITIL® – The IT Infrastructure Library®
        • Business Process Framework (eTOM)
        • ASL® – Application Services Library®
        • MSP® – Managing Successful Programmes
        • PRINCE2® – Projects in Controlled Environments
        • PMBOK® – Project Management Body of Knowledge®
        • OPM3® – Organisational Project Management Maturity Model
        • Maintenance  and Support Routine  Concept
        • Understanding  Computer Assembly and Disassembly Process
        • Software Installations and Troubleshooting
        • Maintaining Windows Update
        • Installing and Updating Antivirus Softwares
        • Ensuring and Monitoring  PC Speed Performance
        • Basic networking concepts
        • Network Planning Designs: Topology and Architecture
        • Understanding Signals: Unicast, Multicast, Broadcast.
        • Understanding and Supporting Ethernet Networks
        • Implementing Networking devices in a network setup: Repeaters, Hub, Bridge, Switch, Routers.
        • Structured cabling and Cable types, connectors (RJ45 etc), and color coding. 
        • Networking Tools:LAN tester, Crimping tool etc
        • Twisted pair cable  - shielded & unshielded, face plate terminations.
        • Straight through and Cross over Patch panel cable installation and mgt.
        • IP and Network Configuration Concept
        • Understanding Private and Public IP Addresses
        • Understanding IP Address classes
        • Assigning IP Address to systems in the office
        • How to support  Dynamic Host Configuration  Protocol (DHCP) and DNS
        • Understanding Basic Subnetting
        • Setting up Sharing   and permissions on files and folders
        • Network troubleshooting : PING test, ipconfig etc. 
        • Managing the Internet
        • Basics of Internet and Intranet
        • How to select the best Internet Service Provider (ISP)
        • How to connect the Office to the Internet
        • How to make office Internet Connection very fast
        • How to manage the internet bandwidth
        • How to assign and share bandwidth to individual users
        • Types of Internet connections: Dialup, Broadband, Leased Line, Wi-Fi,Wi-Max, 2G, 3G, 4G, WWW ,  Social Networking
        • How to connect  Routers to the Internet 
        • Understanding the various ways of restoring the Internet when  it  is down
        • Securing users email
        • Backing up and Restoring Users’ emails
        • Understanding how to register and host  websites
        • Understanding of Wireless Connections.
        • How to monitor and support  wireless networks
        • How to secure wireless networks
        • Configuring and supporting  Wireless Access Points
        • Managing Routers and Switches Concept
        • Difference between Routers and Switches
        • Supporting Routers
        • Supporting Switches
        • Router - Basic Configuration
        • Port Forwarding - Overview
        • VPN – Virtual Private Networks
        • Understanding and Supporting Firewall and Gateway
        • Basic Configuration of 802.11ac
        • Storage Techniques and Configuring Configure backup
        • Understanding NAS – Network Attached
        • Understanding Cloud Storage.
        • Understanding Virtualization
        • Creating a system recovery disk; backing up files, folders, or full system; scheduling backups
        • Configure system recovery options 
      • More Information About  The Deal
      • Essential ICT Skill for Non-IT Professionals offers essential IT management training to help non-technical business managers work with, oversee, and generate value from IT.  
      • SGL presents this knowledge-based training on strategies for instituting a working relationship between IT staff and business managers based on transparency—clear communication about IT performance and decision processes.
      • The program is not meant to make an IT specialist out of every manager, but to make every manager confidently participate in resolving IT issues and contribute profoundly while working with IT staff to make better decisions and to deliver better process change. 
      • Specific capabilities in managing digital resources as how these affect research data, websites and social media. Such skills are especially important now that the library and information technology field has moved beyond the traditional library setting to encompass a wide range of occupations in both the private and public sectors.
      • This course provides a mix of both theory and hands on demonstrations.
      • How To Redeem:
        • Purchase coupon on DealDey and contact merchant to schedule preferred training date
        • Deal covers
          • The course has four (4) purposes:
          • The first is that you understand the strategic role of information resources for organizations.
          • The second is that you become aware of current information technologies and that you develop a critical awareness of their roles and potentials.
          • The third is that you become an intelligent contributor to the management and development of innovations in information resources within your organization.
          • The fourth is that you become an ICT Governance and Management framework compliant and to meet the international corporate standard.
          • Why SGL?
            • Over Twenty ( 25) Highly Experienced and Certified  Consultants / Trainers
            • ICT, Project Management,  Soft Skills And Business Related Courses
            • Optimized Training Budget
            • Standard and Vendors’ Approved Coursewares
            • Customized Training Content
            • Both Classroom and On-Site Training Options
            • Capacity to deliver training at various locations across the country
            • Corporate  and Individual Training
            • We also partner with schools, local and state government , Vocational Centers to deliver  ICT Vocational Skill Programs
            • ICT Technical Support Services

    • Coupon(s) valid until 2018-04-06 (unused Coupons after this date will not be honoured/refunded by Merchant/DealDey)
      • Multiple Coupons may be purchased
      • Coupons numbers or QR codes must be presented for redemption
      • Download Coupon for Merchant's details 
      • Reservation must be made before redemption
      • Please call 01-4609950 | 08094609951 for more payment enquiries 
    • Terms and conditions apply
    • Details

      Over the past years, SGL Technologies has continued to maintain and focus on the products and technologies from a customer's perspective, developing and delivering ICT cutting edge solutions and training for vendors and partners as Consultants and Training Specialists for different organizations irrespective of the industry sector. SGL Technologies has the experience and team that can create a system for you and your business. Working hand-in-hand with our team gives our clients the tools to create an easily manageable workflow in an organization. Our services include the provisions of top notch Business Support Information Technology Solutions: IT Training, Licensing of Computer Softwares, Networking, Data Protection and Storage Management Solutions, Video Conferencing, ICT Professional Certification Testing and Facilitate Internationally Recognized Professional Certificates in IT. We offer world class Information Technology training to prepare you adequately for a global IT career.
      SGL Technologies
      10, Akinremi Street, Anifowoshe, Off Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos
      Lagos Mainland, Lagos, Nigeria
      DealDey Helpline
      01-4609950, 08094609951

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