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      Facials and Nail Training | 3 months
      • Facials and Nail Training | 3 months
      • Facials and Nail Training | 3 months
      • Facials and Nail Training | 3 months
      • Facials and Nail Training | 3 months

      Facials and Nail Training | 3 months

      ₦40,000 ₦30,000
      • Discount 25%
      • You save ₦10,000
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      Seller rating 11
      Sold By: PEMMAKUI


      • This deal includes 12 Weeks Intensive Training on:
        • Facials and Skincare
        • Fixing of the stick on nails 
        • Fixing Acrylic nails 
        • Removing Acrylic nails 
        • Various French tips 
        • Full fixing 
        • Natural nails
        • 20 nail artistic designs 
        • Full pedicure and manicure training
        • Nail artistry Business Education 
      • Classes will hold 4 times weekly (Tuesdays,  Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays) and last for 12 weeks
      • Time 12pm - 5pm
      • Registration starts December 14th, 2018
      • Classes starts January 10th, 2019
      • Venue: 2 idimu road,  mokola plaza, mokola bus stop Egbeda Lagos 
      • Students will train with free Materials from Pemmakui 
      • A certificatee will be awarded
      • Call immediately you buy this deal

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      Knowledge is Power - Skill is Vital Really, both are weapons that separate the rich from the poor, and the winner from the loser. How far we went in life depends on the level of knowledge and skill we possess. Skill acquisition is so vital especially in a nation like ours’, therefore Nigeria where there is no much collar job that can give us financial security and freedom. There is never a magnet that cannot attract iron and likewise a land that cannot absorb water; you are created by God with senses and abilities to accommodate knowledge and to master skills. So, price (which is your time and money) is what you pay, value is what you get to create treasure and wealth for yourself. And when the value you get exceeded the price you pay, the economists called it, margin of safety. Knowledge and skill solved problems and in return produces money while the money produced is the measure of our earthly success. Therefore, the height to which we reach in life is greatly depends on what we knew or the knowledge and skill we possessed. But ignorant of knowledge and skill to be creative and financially independence is the major clog on the wheel of our progress. Why procrastinate? Get a skill and be creative, learn many unknown and become the master of all. By doing this, your financial freedom is guaranteed and certain. So, stop limiting yourself, the only mountain on your way to success is ignorant. Seek to be skilled; really the knowledge and skill in your possession will surely make ways for you. Our existence as a beauty skills training institution is to empower you with information on everything beauty. We have ranges of courses from skin care, hair braiding, naio artistry, hair fixing, makeup, nail artistry, dreadlock and natural hair and much. Take the bold step to financial freedom by Acquiring a skill today! Pemmakui is a well known beauty academy that brings out the best skill in anyone. We are offering a great discount on our professional Training this season with Certificate
      1 Mokola plaza, Mokola bus stop , egbeda Lagos. (Off no 2 egbeda idimu road Lagos by gowon estate market))
      Alimosho, Lagos, Nigeria
      DealDey Helpline
      01-4609950, 08094609951

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