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      Dual Fuel Carburetor
      • Dual Fuel Carburetor
      • Dual Fuel Carburetor
      • Dual Fuel Carburetor

      Dual Fuel Carburetor

      From ₦7,800
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      • Gas is cheaper and always available
      • Gen noise/sound is reduced by 30-50% depending on age, make of Gen and load
      • It's also eco-friendly. Gen stops smoking entirely
      • Engine oil lasts longer before getting dirty
      • Gen Servicing frequency is reduced
      • Tested and confirmed okay, and currently in use
      • in our office
      • 12.5kg gas of N2,500 gives you 35-40hrs of electricity on 2.5Kva Gen - that's about N63.00/hr or 7days, if you run gen for max of 5hrs/day
      • You can watch a short video of the technology being used in my office via https://youtu.be/XykkZ_Y6uo8 

      • Delivery will be made available within 10 business days
      • Please call 01-4609950 | 08094609951 for enquiries
    • Terms and conditions apply
    • Details

      The technology is simply an easy to install hybrid carburetor that converts your existing petrol generator to also run on domestic/cooking gas. Anyone who can loosen a bolt, can remove your existing carburetor and install it for you. You can at most engage a mechanic, including apprentice, to help with the installation. We sell the most advanced version of the device which allows you switch between petrol and gas (LPG or CNG), depending on what's available to you. We supply on first pay, first get basis, as we have hundreds of orders daily - usually more orders than available stock. The device isn't compatible for 'I better pass my Neighbour' (the smallest tiger gen) and gens with capacities above 10kva The device costs N15,000 for 2kva - 3.6kva gen capacity or N20,000 for 3.8kva -10kva gens You only need to buy a gas cylinder, regulator and hose (if you don't have already). Security concerns: Lots of Nigerians are still afraid of gas, as some think it could cause explosion, but I don't blame them. It's lack of research and limited knowledge, which suggests why most Nigerians still don't use gas cookers at home. Truth is a running propane gas cylinder on generator is safer than running it on cookers. Cookers naturally generate flame (naked fire), yet do not cause explosions, as the cylinders are built to handle the generated flame, whereas your gen doesn't generate flame. Again, if there's a leakage from your cylinder/hose in your kitchen, gas can easily accumulate and any ignition can cause fire, being that your kitchen is an enclosure, whereas your gen and cylinder, being outside, has adequate ventilation, which will naturally circulate away any leaked gas - reducing the chance of fire and explosion, in case of fire ignition. Although we recommend you keep your gen and cylinders outdoors to avoid overhearing, and use a hose of 3-5 yards. Also, avoid having your gen in a cluster of running gens, like we have in some apartments.
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