CCTV/IP|Fire Alarm|Access Control Course

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CCTV/IP|Fire Alarm|Access Control Course
  • CCTV/IP|Fire Alarm|Access Control Course
  • CCTV/IP|Fire Alarm|Access Control Course
  • CCTV/IP|Fire Alarm|Access Control Course
  • CCTV/IP|Fire Alarm|Access Control Course
  • CCTV/IP|Fire Alarm|Access Control Course
  • CCTV/IP|Fire Alarm|Access Control Course
  • CCTV/IP|Fire Alarm|Access Control Course


    • CCTV/IP | Fire Alarm | Access Control Course (SGL-BT12)
    • Duration: 4 Days
    • Weekend April 8,9, 15 &16 2017 Saturday 10.00am - 2.00pm, Sunday 2.00 -5.00pm
    • Weekday April 10-13, 2017.  Time - 10.00 am - 2.00 pm daily
    • Venue - SGL Training Center. 10, Akinremi Street, Off Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos
    • This is an avenue to provide self-employment opportunity for Nigerian youths!
    • Every Nigerian and Corporate organization is becoming more Security conscious and thereby spending so much to ensure they implement the best  security strategy which is CCTV /IP Survieillance scheme.
    • Therefore, there is ample business opportunity to install CCTV/IP camera for every home, offices and public places like shops, churches, mosques, resturants and most complex buildings. They can view remotely on their phones, tablets and Laptops away from the office or homes.
    • This course is designed to empower all youths for immediate self-employment and numerous  participants have become self employed after this course.
    • Most of our participants are currently and actively engaged using the skill acquired during the course of the this program to provide a means of self-employment (or alternate source of income) either on full time or part time basis.
    • Become a CCTV/IP engineer and setup your dream business now!



  • Course Facilitator:  Highly Experienced Security Engineers that  have deployed and supporting several sites
    • A participant may request a certificate at the end of the course.
    • Numerous participants have attended this course, many of them are doing well in terms of getting private jobs ,and using it as another stream of regular income.
    • Participants have opportunity to follow our engineers to  sites  for field exposure.
    • Participants are also assisted by our engineers (if he/she desires) for the first job a he/she secures after the training.
    • For past participants comments/remark about our training , please visit




  • Module 1
    • CCTV /IP Camera Deployment
    • Introduction To CCTV/IP Installation
    • Network (LAN, WAN, IP)
    • Cabling And Connectors (CAT5/6 & Coaxial)
    • Crimping BNC,RJ45 Connectors
    • Video Transmission (Analogue To Digital, Megapixel Cameras)
    • Assembling A CCTV/IP System
    • IP Camera Installation (IP Installer For IP Cameras, Parameter Setting)
    • Introduction To Lenses And Lens Theory (Field Of View, Vari-Focal And Fixed Lenses)
    • Digital CCTV Storage
    • PTZ Camera Installation (Protocols, Baud Rate In PTZ
    • Installing Camera Housing For Bigger Projects With Power
    • Installing Multiple PTZ Cameras
    • Integrating new CCTV/IP setup with existing company network
    • Considering the differences between DVR and NVR installations
    • Browser (Remote) Viewing Configuration
    • Configuring Domain Name Server (DNS)
    • Recording and Playback
    • Managing your storage and cloud backup.
    • Learning About Different Types Of Router


  • Module 2
    • Fire Alarm Deployment
    • Configure Conventional And Addressable Fire Alarm Systems.
    • Install Fire Detection Methods And Devices Sounders.
    • Installation And Configuration Of Smoke Detector, Heat Detector, and Intruder Alarms. 


  • Module 3
    • Access Control Deployment
    • Essential maintenance on gates and barriers
    • Practical workshop sessions
    • Calibration of test equipment
    • Electronic lock diagnostics
    • Voltage drop and calculations
    • General Installation And Maintenance.


  • Module 4
    • Business  and Entrepreneur Opportunities
    • Site Survey and How to develop business proposal for your client
    • Final Project And Revision
    • Costing 
    • Project Documentation

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    CCTV/IP Camera Installation, Heat/Smoke Detector, Burglary And Access Control Systems This course covers areas of CCTV/IP installation training with DVR IP setting, PTZ installation, CAT5 in CCTV and many other important aspects of CCTV /IP installation. At the successful completion of the CCTV/IP installation training course, you will be able to install and maintain CCTV /IP systems with remote viewing facility on the internet and mobile phones. It also teaches you how to deploy Heat /Smoke Burglary and Access Control systems for home and offices. In the fields of physical security and information security, access control is the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource. The act of accessing may mean consuming, entering, or using. Permission to access a resource is called authorization. What qualification will I get at the end of course? You will be awarded a certificate in CCTV/IP, Security Systems installation and maintenance What are the entry requirements? The course is designed for anyone who has a desire to acquire skills in CCTV/IP and security systems.
    SGL Technologies
    10, Akinremi Street, Anifowoshe, Off Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos
    Lagos Mainland, Lagos, Nigeria
    DealDey Helpline
    01-4609950, 08094609951
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