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      Blog Development Online Training
      • Blog Development Online Training

      Blog Development Online Training

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      • Blog Development Training
      • Coupon Number must be presented for redemption and course access
      • Instructional Methods
        • Blog Development Training + Certification
        • Coupon Number must be presented for redemption and course access
      • Course Outline:
        • Level 1: Blogs and the Blogosphere
          • Brushing up on blogs: what are they, how are individuals and organizations   using them today
          • Case studies and examples
          • Getting started with a blog using Blogger.com
          • Brainstorming ways you or your organization can make use of blogs
          • Hands on: Setting up a blog, posting to the blog
        • Level 2: Blog Add-ins and Social Media
          • Blog technologies: widgets, RSS, Trackbacks, Email to a friend, tags
          • Social media tie-ins: Flickr, Digg, Twitter, Gowalla, newsletters and more
          • Comments, spam, moderation
          • Design choices
          • Hands on: Adding widgets, dealing with HTML code, altering templates
        •  Level 3: Content and Audience
          • Developing an audience; what to post and when to post it
          • Understand blog analytics and stat programs
          • Writing well, maintaining momentum
          • Innovation in content: photos, video, audio, microblogs
          • Hands on: Content planning, writing
        •  Level 4: Strategic Thinking
          • Recipe for success: goals, audience, culture, niche, measurement
          • Legal issues to consider; corporate blogging policies
          • Assessing your competitors; tracking the blogosphere
          • Group choice of topics and discussion
          • Hands on: Goals and success planning
        • Requirement for Successful Completion
        • Instructional Methods
          • Lecture, hands-on, demonstrations.
      • Course Objectives
      • By the end of the course, students will be expected to be able, at a minimum, to do the following:
      • Theoretical/Conceptual:
        • Summarize the reasons to have a blog
        • Set goals to measure the success of a blog
        • Strategize ways to reach out to bloggers
      • Technical or Software Skills:
        • Choose between blog software packages
        • Create a blog, and post to it
        • Subscribe to an RSS feed
        • Insert photos and video into a blog post
      • Tangible and/or Portfolio Outcomes
        • Instructor feedback on blog plans and strategies
        • Resources for learning more about blogs
        • Basic experience with blog technology and related tools
      • Redemption Process:
        • The Training link will be sent to the participants through google cloud by sending your (Gmail account)  

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      • Reservation must be made before redemption
      • Please call 01-4609950 | 08094609951 for more payment enquiries 
    • Terms and conditions apply
    • Details

      Blogosphere is where social media combines with content to produce ground-breaking outreach and impact for your businesses/organization. This course explores the reasons why blogging is today’s most popular area for businesses to spend marketing dollars, and gives you some of the hands-on skills you need to get started yourself. Set up a blog, develop content, learn about RSS, comments, and integration with social networking sites like Flickr, Digg, and others. Topics also include micro-blogging (Twitter) and reaching out to bloggers who can help you accomplish your marketing and business goals. The class includes real-world case studies and a forum for brainstorming and discussion. The blogosphere is the social universe created by online individuals using web log publishing platforms. Simply put, the blogosphere is a slang term for all the blogs on the internet. The blogosphere is often compared to grassroots journalism in that each member is able to post on any topic that catches their personal interest. A-G Technologies is a leading professional training based in Abuja Nigeria with core competence in the area of spreadsheet training. We employ consultants from a wide variety of backgrounds who bring varied experience and multiple perspectives to projects and training. We are also committed to delivering the best and highest quality training at very affordable costs with experienced professionals handling all training modules. Today's deal equips you with a thorough on-line professional training in blogosphere (blogs) development for just only N1499 instead of N45000.
      A-G Technologies Ltd.
      882, Tafawa Balewa Way, CBD, Area11, Abuja.
      CBD, Abuja, Nigeria
      DealDey Helpline
      01-4609950, 08094609951

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