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      Basic MS Word | PowerPoint | Excel| SGL
      • Basic MS Word | PowerPoint | Excel| SGL
      • Basic MS Word | PowerPoint | Excel| SGL
      • Basic MS Word | PowerPoint | Excel| SGL

      Basic MS Word | PowerPoint | Excel| SGL

      ₦60,000 ₦30,000
      • Discount 50%
      • You save ₦30,000

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      Seller rating 79
      Sold By: SGL Technologies


      • Masic MS Word|PowerPoint|Excel|SGL
      • Modules:
      • Microsoft® Office Word  Level 1: Proficiency - 2 Days
      • Microsoft® Office PowerPoint Level 1: Proficiency - 2 Days
      • Microsoft® Office Excel  Level 1: Proficiency-  2 Days
      • Training Category: Individual and Promo Package
      • Delivery Method:·Demonstration with LIVE DATA
      • Type of Training: End User
      • Type of certificate to be issued
        • Certificate of completion
        • No mandatory exam to receive certificate
        • Cost of tuition does not include  the cost of a certificate
          • Venues:
          • Register and attend your training at any of our centers:
          • Lagos  10, Akinremi Street, Anifowoshe, off Awolowo Way, (Opp New Garage) Ikeja.
          • Abuja 36, Lord Lugard St., Area 11, Abuja.
          • Portharcourt  10B, Rumuigbo St., Old GRA, Portharcourt
        • Duration: 6-days 
        • Dates:  (Weekday and Weekend options available)
          • Date: Register and call merchant to  fix a  date/ schedule for your training
          • Time : 9am – 4pm (Monday – Saturday)  Sundays 1.00pm - 6.00pm
      • Course Outline   
      • Microsoft® Office Word  Level 1: Proficiency 2 Days
        • Lesson 1: Getting Started with Word
        • Topic 1A: Identify the Components of the Word Interface
        • Topic 1B: Customize the Word Interface
        • Topic 1C: Display a Document in Different Views
        • Topic 1D: Enter Text in a Document
        • Topic 1E: Save a Document
      • Lesson 2: Editing Text in a Word Document
        • Topic 2A: Select Text
        • Topic 2B: Modify Text
        • Topic 2C: Find and Replace Text
      • Lesson 3: Modifying the Appearance of Text in a Word Document
        • Topic 3A: Apply Character Formatting
        • Topic 3B: Align Text Using Tabs
        • Topic 3C: Display Text as List Items
        • Topic 3D: Modify the Layout of a Paragraph
        • Topic 3E: Apply Styles
        • Topic 3F: Manage Formatting
        • Topic 3G: Apply Borders and Shading
      • Lesson 4: Inserting Special Characters and Graphical Objects
        • Topic 4A: Insert Symbols and Special Characters
        • Topic 4B: Add Illustrations to a Document
      • Lesson 5: Organizing Data in Tables
        • Topic 5A: Insert a Table
        • Topic 5B: Modify a Table
        • Topic 5C: Format a Table
        • Topic 5D: Convert Text to a Table
      • Lesson 6: Proofing a Word Document
        • Topic 6A: Check Spelling and Grammar
        • Topic 6B: Use the Thesaurus
      • Lesson 7: Controlling the Appearance of Pages in a Word Document
        • Topic 7A: Apply a Page Border and Color
        • Topic 7B: Add a Watermark
        • Topic 7C: Add Headers and Footers
      • Lesson 8: Printing Word Documents
        • Topic 8A: Control Page Layout
        • Topic 8B: Preview and Print a Document
      • Microsoft Office PowerPoint Level 1: Proficiency    2 Days
      • Lesson 1: Getting Started with PowerPoint
        • Topic 1A: Identify the Elements of the User Interface
        • Topic 1B: View Presentations
        • Topic 1C: Save a Presentation
        • Topic 1D: Use Microsoft PowerPoint Help
      • Lesson 2: Creating a Basic Presentation
        • Topic 2A: Select a Presentation Type
        • Topic 2B: Enter Text
        • Topic 2C: Edit Text
        • Topic 2D: Format Text Placeholders
        • Topic 2E: Add Slides to a Presentation
        • Topic 2F: Arrange Slides
        • Topic 2G: Work with Themes
      • Lesson 3: Formatting Text on Slides
        • Topic 3A: Apply Character Formats
        • Topic 3B: Format Paragraphs
      • Lesson 4: Adding Graphical Objects to a Presentation
        • Topic 4A: Insert Images into a Presentation
        • Topic 4B: Add Shapes
        • Topic 4C: Add Visual Styles to the Text in a Presentation
      • Lesson 5: Modifying Graphical Objects in a Presentation
        • Topic 5A: Edit Graphical Objects
        • Topic 5B: Format Graphical Objects
        • Topic 5C: Group Graphical Objects on a Slide
        • Topic 5D: Arrange Graphical Objects on a Slide
        • Topic 5E: Apply Animation Effects
      • Lesson 6: Working with Tables
        • Topic 6A: Insert a Table
        • Topic 6B: Format Tables
        • Topic 6C: Import Tables from Other Microsoft Office Applications
      • Lesson 7: Working with Charts
        • Topic 7A: Insert Charts
        • Topic 7B: Modify a Chart
        • Topic 7C: Import Charts from Other Microsoft Office Applications
      • Lesson 8: Preparing to Deliver a Presentation
        • Topic 8A: Review the Content in a Presentation
        • Topic 8B: Divide a Presentation into Sections
        • Topic 8C: Add Transitions
        • Topic 8D: Add Speaker Notes
        • Topic 8E: Print a Presentation
        • Topic 8F: Deliver a Presentation
      • Microsoft® Office Excel Level 1: Proficiency  2 Days
      • Lesson 1: Getting Started with Excel
        • Topic 1A: Identify the Elements of the Excel Interface
        • Topic 1B: Navigate and Select Cells in Worksheets
        • Topic 1C: Customize the Excel Interface
        • Topic 1D: Create a Basic Worksheet
      • Lesson 2: Performing Calculations in an Excel Worksheet
        • Topic 2A: Create Formulas in a Worksheet
        • Topic 2B: Insert Functions in a Worksheet
        • Topic 2C: Reuse Formulas
      • Lesson 3: Modifying an Excel Worksheet
        • Topic 3A: Edit Worksheet Data
        • Topic 3B: Find and Replace Data
        • Topic 3C: Manipulate Worksheet Elements
      • Lesson 4: Modifying the Appearance of a Worksheet
        • Topic 4A: Apply Font Properties
        • Topic 4B: Add Borders and Colors to Cells
        • Topic 4C: Align Content in a Cell
        • Topic 4D: Apply Number Formatting
        • Topic 4E: Apply Cell Styles
      • Lesson 5: Managing an Excel Workbook
        • Topic 5A: Manage Worksheets
        • Topic 5B: View Worksheets and Workbooks
      • Lesson 6: Printing Excel Workbooks
        • Topic 6A: Define the Page Layout
        • Topic 6B: Print a Workbook
      • How To Redeem Coupon
        • Purchase Your  Deal And Call Merchant For Reservation

      • Coupon(s) valid until 2018-08-18 (unused Coupons after this date will not be honoured/refunded by Merchant/DealDey)
      • Multiple Coupons may be purchased
      • Coupons numbers or QR codes must be presented for redemption
      • Download Coupon for Merchant's details 
      • Reservation must be made before redemption
      • Please call 01-4609950 | 08094609951 for more payment enquiries 
      • Terms and conditions apply


      Over the past years, SGL Technologies has continued to maintain and focus on the products and technologies from a customer's perspective, developing and delivering ICT cutting edge solutions and training for vendors and partners as Consultants and Training Specialists for different organizations irrespective of the industry sector. SGL Technologies has the experience and team that can create a system for you and your business. Working hand-in-hand with our team gives our clients the tools to create an easily manageable workflow in an organization. Our services include the provisions of top notch Business Support Information Technology Solutions: IT Training, Licensing of Computer Softwares, Networking, Data Protection and Storage Management Solutions, Video Conferencing, ICT Professional Certification Testing and Facilitate Internationally Recognized Professional Certificates in IT. We offer world class Information Technology training to prepare you adequately for a global IT career.

      SGL Technologies
      10, Akinremi Street, Anifowoshe, Off Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos
      Lagos Mainland, Lagos, Nigeria
      DealDey Helpline
      01-4609950, 08094609951

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