Alloy Wheel Rim Protector | 8m Tape
  • Alloy Wheel Rim Protector | 8m Tape
  • Alloy Wheel Rim Protector | 8m Tape
  • Alloy Wheel Rim Protector | 8m Tape
  • Alloy Wheel Rim Protector | 8m Tape

Alloy Wheel Rim Protector | 8m Tape

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  • Alloy Wheel Rim Protector | 8m Tape
  • Covers the scratches that already exist
  • Prevents wheel rim from scratches while driving
  • Universally fits all tire sizes
  • 3M double-sided adhesive tape for easy installation
  • Material: Rubber
  • Package Contents:
  • 1 x 8m Wheel Rim Protectors
  • Dimensions:
  • Cable Length: 8m
  • Product Weight: 161g
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  • Delivery will be made within 10 business days
  • Please call 01-4609950 | 08094609951  for enquiries
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  • Details

    Alloy Wheels Protector is a revolutionary product for all cars and SUVs with alloy wheels. It protects the rim against damages and covers existing minor damages that occur all the time around the rim. It improves the original look of wheels and changes its appearance, giving it sport, luxury or fancy touch, depending on the selected color. Stop kerb damage and cover up existing minor damage using our easy to fit, self-adhesive ally wheel rim protectors. These DIY rim protector tapes are made from flexible polymer which has the appearance and feel of rubber. They are designed to be universal fitting and as they appear rubber they are flexible and conform to fit many different wheel rim shapes. They can be attached to alloy wheels by 3M double sided tape for a superb bond. Ensure the wheels are clean with cleaning wipes to ensure the wheel surface is sufficiently prepared for the protector tape. Choose from 2 colors!
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